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Where you can be authentically you and identify your needs



SafeSpace Therapy

Welcome to Safe Space Therapy and Retreats. Where people are #Markedsafe from self sabotage, anxiety, negative self talk, depression, relationship failures, childhood traumas and more.  Safe Space Therapy is a place where each individual can be who they are, as they are, without judgment or ridicule.  Safe Space Therapy provides just that,  a space to tap into your authentic identity and explore your authentic needs. People need a place to take off the mask that they put on for the world and get to the root of their issues.


Once you experience services from Safe Space Therapy you can then wear the statement #Markedsafe with pride. This statement is used to empower and reassure clients that whatever previous adverse experience you were once limited by... you are now SAFE from. Will you be #Markedsafe next?  Safe space HEAVILY engages their clients. Meaning tangible tools and homework will be given consistently with the expectation that the client is completing tasks to obtain their desired goal. When you sign up for Safe Space, expect to put in work! 


Treatment Sessions
in Private or in a Group



Safe Space understands the importance of selecting the right practice for your therapeutic needs.


Retreats vary throughout the year and range from being therapeutic, for leisure, wellness, networking and much more.

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