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Are you a passionate individual looking to help people make change? Safe Space is looking for kind-hearted, flexible and humble professionals and volunteers to assist in facilitating workshops or helping with the day to day task at our retreats. Here at Safe Space, we pride ourselves in treating our attendees with genuine love, care and thoughtfulness. The Safe Space community is built on providing just that, a safe space. Facilitators and volunteers must be warm and open to working with people from all experiences and walks of life. If this is you, Safe Space would love to have you on the team. Please fill out the form below in addition to specifying which retreat (s) you desire to be a part of. Facilitators should be prepared to discuss what they plan on offering the attendees. Facilitators will be able to participate in all retreat activities for a discounted price. Volunteers for retreat staff will be expected to help with the day to day programming of the retreat. They too will be able to participate in all activities at a discounted rate. Please Join the Safe Space Community today as we help people make changes in their lives!

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