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Dwayne Phillips-McNamee


A Word from Dwayne...

Hello, I'm Dwayne Phillips-McNamee. I am a firm believer that mental health can be difficult to care for at times.

I believe that as humans we are complex. We laugh one minute, cry the next, yell and curse and scream, and just are. We are messy but there is beauty in that. Once we explore those complexities of our personality we can begin to heal. When working with me, you are bound to hear my favorite phrase. Everything we do is to serve a purpose. The question is, is it still serving that purpose and if so, do you still want it to serve that purpose?

I believe that everything we do is in our view for a good reason and as such I am not in a place to judge. Instead, I am here to provide a different perspective while trying to understand yours. Let's explore your thoughts, feelings, and ideas in a safe space.


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